Our Vision

ShuttleBuzz will provide Guernsey with “Level 5” driverless (aka fully autonomous, self-driving) ride-sharing services.

ShuttleBuzz will be a reliable, convenient and comfortable transport service(s) which will be a viable alternative to the driven vehicle.

ShuttleBuzz’s services will be valued by the communities they serve. ShuttleBuzz will be more environmentally sustainable. ShuttleBuzz will increase the transport options for all especially those with mobility challenges.

ShuttleBuzz looks to deliver the “three zeros” in relation to passenger vehicles:

  • Zero Accidents
  • Zero Emissions
  • Zero Ownership


ShuttleBuzz will continually monitor both the requirements of the communities we serve and our services. This information together with the use of data analytics will ensure that we provide a flexible, desirable and relevant service.

ShuttleBuzz will work with our partners to create a world leading offering which can be used in other jurisdictions.


Sponsor a feasibility assessment regarding the implementation of an autonomous vehicle strategy in Guernsey.

Identify and collaborate with our chosen Partners to deliver viable services.

Seek funding Partners to sponsor the studies, implementation and development of a working model.

Develop working autonomous transport services that are scalable, profitable, and transferable to other islands, towns and cities.

Our partners

Guernsey Chamber of Commerce